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RS 2007 Item and Stuff

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Runescape Items

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Torag's armour set$1.14
Abyssal dagger$2.12
Abyssal whip$1.97
Dark bow$0.99
Dragon chainbody$0.95
Dragonfire shield$2.08
Amulet of eternal glory$24.94
Amulet of Fury$1.94
Berserker ring$1.97
Amulet of torture$9.38
Master Wand$2.89
Robin Hood hat$2.09
Rangers' tunic$2.45
Ranger gloves$1.29
Pegasian Boots$21.19
Ranger boots$21.13
Justiciar Chestguard$5.29
Justiciar Legguards$5.29
Primordial boots$18.79
Mage's book$2.59

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