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News.News.Enjoy 2007 RS Christmas Event & Cheapest 07 Gold for You Here

Surprising news! 07 old-fashioned Christmas events coming! Have you prepared for it? This year, defeating the anti-Santa Claus is more difficult, but if you are brave enough, there is the challenge! In addition, you are 07 RS livestreams a great Christmas gift, remember to join in! Now, let's take a look at the event details.

Buy cheap RS Gold in 2007 to challenge the anti-Santa Claus
This year, the anti-Santa Claus will plan an evil plan is to have someone on the inside to take hold. If you are up to infiltrate the inner circle of the anti-Santa Claus challenge, you will be asked to help Santa Claus one step ahead. In addition, you need to win his trust, and find a way to use his strength against him, the anti-Santa Claus when you work from the inside of the camp. It is very difficult, but if you want to try, it is necessary for you to prepare before some cheap RS 07 gold.

Livestreams available from 07 RS Christmas gift
At GMT 21:00 GMT every Wednesday and every Sunday from 17:00 on December 20, Jagex will hold community livestreams for Christmas. In these livestreams, you will be able to get your hands on Christmas crackers, party hats and Christmas hats! So, you'd better not miss livestreams and gifts!

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