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News.News.Helpful tips, killing a father and gain OSRS abyss gold and deep sticks and daggers

His Majesty the deep Posted October 1 this is a challenging new boss slayer abyss. It is not easy to beat abyss Majesty, although this is an interesting and unique boss killed. You can buy cheap RSorder 2007 in RuneScape gold and boss battle ready. In addition, RSorder offers You can use it to kill some helpful hints boss.

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1. There are four paths, leading to a patrilineal: northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast. The best way to enter into the abyss of His Majesty is to use fairy ring ring slayer.

2. You will need little food, when you get the use of the boss. In Rune bags is the soul, death and blood runes.

3. During the fight, minions can start, and will attack you, unless the scope of the first phase of prayer and tanks they exchange, you can attack, do it.

4. You can cast shadows blitz him, and when you go to His Majesty. Movies blitz soon dizziness, so you can kill the respiratory system faster.

5. You will find eyes closed tentacles killing system. When they open, you need to run back to his father and smoke barrage until he again stunned.

6, in order to avoid unnecessary operation, from north to south, be sure to kill them rather than east to west.

7. watch his poison, kill scion, if he derived any. Eventually, when his body is low enough, he will move and begin regeneration.

8. Once he was dead, you will be transferred, you'll want to stay away from him, or you'll take 50+ damage for this stage, you are going to the south, and attack him to avoid his poison, he eventually stops Spawning it though. If you have blood barrage or blitzkrieg, when you get to this square is passed to run and cast it.

You will get a deep-sea sticks and daggers deep sea Once you kill the monster, so hurry to kill boss, get these powerful weapons. If you need OSRS gold in the battle with the boss, it would be wise, you can buy cheap RS 2007 gold RSorder. Up to 8%, the gold prize event will come to an end soon, so when you need to buy cheap gold OSRS on our website.


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