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News.News.How divination random events in RuneScape

Well, every day we will issue a RS players Recommended game content ideas. In RuneScape 07 Gold is great, although the idea still needs to make some adjustments.

So, today, where the idea of ??random events divination, because streaks scattered roam energy floating across Gielinor from east to west.

This is the idea. We can have an event, in which a random thug in the region "absorb" some of the ray, become larger and more powerful monster violent version. When this happens, it will be with a new set of juice ability tonnes health and combat capability. Players in the region will need to work together to stop this event.

Players can either play it off, so WISP briefly escaped, while others can rely on farming WIPS out monster weakened. Wehn monster will consume a certain amount and type of ray ray layer, will be added in front. If the player does not impair the mob, the mob strands will fly back, and the longer the ray of its holdings, more power it embodies.

Monster should be positive, but only a very short distance. The play should make a choice whether to fight or not. The level will depend upon a wisp level. So pale lowest multiplier monster. When you have successfully processed the event, you get a bonus of divination EXP, little thug EXP operations and energy-related layers in a group of input amount. Perhaps rare loot depends thug?


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