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News.News.In RuneScape old blood lores

In RuneScape will soon release their new tasks, Myreque series at once. So before this, they will overcome your old blood, the story of new legends and history. You can read, find the story and get some spectacular wallpaper.

The temple door was a man and a complete feet thick, from a huge carved oak height in an era of the past three times, and engraved with intricate patterns and logo. Pilgrims will come miles, some say, simply staring their beauty, and consider hide their staggered lines and complex characters in the mystery. They broke apart and was immediately a single blow.

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I stepped alone, what I'm afraid of death worship, and who consider themselves Pontifex fool? Wide yawn in front of the temple called me in there, of course, he stood up, head down, hands on the altar between two smoldering incense, mumbling prayers his absence, empty master.

"Azzanadra," I shouted, my voice filling the interior, "Zamorak need your presence, your loyalty, if not ...... your death is enough."

Embassy stands ready to guard the temple altar. They are not accustomed to the sight of my true form, they stand too rigid, trembling, because they hold forth halberd. Their hearts and very short, frenzied panic beat breathing betrayed them loudly in my ear, even their faces, cover long, ceremonial Helms still unknowable.Like him.

I hissed. Not ...... can not be him. Zaros is dead, his most important Legatus, Zamorak's hand killed. However, came the voice. It crept mail surcoats covered fragile, between human clink. It whispered low murmur in Azzanadra after. This echoes my own pace, to catch my breath like a sigh.

"What, Azzanadra?" I called to get rid of strengthening between memory and benches and the like. "Kowtow himself too busy to meet old comrades?"

"When a pious person knows postponed to the better," react, low and even. To his credit, Azzanadra voice betrayed no fear. He slowly turned around, I saw his face was pale, pull, his eyes sunken. "This is civilization, part of Drakan," he growled, grinding his teeth, "it is more than the beast."

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