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News.News.Legion Class Preview Series: Paladin

Welcome to our World of Warcraft: corps-level preview of the series. In this entry, we are exploring the Paladin, find out what is in store for the different classes, check out overview.We continue to advance our understanding of what classes, professional design and Paladin. In these blog, we will explore the class identity, to discuss the new Legion
Designed and made specifically for each core combat capability will further strengthen the foundation laid in the talent and heritage. With that in mind, let us study in depth what is meant is a Paladin in World of Warcraft knowledge Warcraft.Paladins Paladin, protector of the people, and justice dispensers deep roots.
Where the holy priest as a light voice, preaching the oppressed and disillusioned, Paladin as a light hand, defending the faithful implementation of divine law and upright like a hammer.

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Wear flat Saint niche is recognized Paladin game, there is a key exception. Whether Paladin is to reduce the enemy's attack, an ally to help them sick, or delivery of punitive justice, it is their nature
? service in the thick of battle. However, although the Holy Knight themed heavy armor and strong defensive ability, in practice, the more fragile they spend a lot of time behind the frontline warlock. In addition to consolidating identity protection and Retribution Paladins, we are adjusting the holy knights game, to make them closer to the front, where they belong.

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