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News.News.Old School Clan Cup 2015 The Clan Cup is here!

Registration is open on Monday, the competition began in December 4th, we hope to be able to let you in 2015 in all of the details of the clan of the World Cup.
Event Details
The PvP Cup
This year there will be competition cup 6 PvP clan in; the whole cup, pure cup, cover cup and the team cup. There will also be a full cup and F2P F2P cap cup.
Go all that it says on the tin cup, it is a all-out battle, you can put as many people as you can pull. This cup will highlight these tribes and really active player, who knows how to fight in large groups.
Pure cup is the same as a full cup, but the defense, the rookie is not allowed. All participating team members must be 25 or less, the Ministry of Defence.
The cap limits the cup every player you bring to battle clan amount to 30%. This cup will highlight the real strong leadership and organization of high-level war clan.
The Championships will be limited to eight players on each side, it is a good opportunity, PK small team to show they are the best of the old school PvPers.
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PVM in (head to head) Cup
Any activity that occurs within the PVM Cup will be held in the arena of PVM.
The PVM arena will be a security zone, the different BOSS monster would spawn every 15 seconds (or were former boss was killed) limit up to 3 once. Tribal leaders will be able to access to the stadium and the introduction of tribal PVM time 22:00 GMT and GMT Sunday between 20:00 Friday.
Cup of fighting head to head between the two tribes, in order to achieve the best boss kill PVM inside the arena within an hour. At the end of the hour, killing most teams take the victory.
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The cup will allow Skilling Skilling clans each other to test their overall level. Weekly different skills will be selected and tribal task is to achieve the most effective time possible within this week. Data warehouse, we will win in the skills of the most experienced and effective execution hours clan members, will increase its previous five. Each week the most experienced team will take to win the win over those five hours ago.
Back to Top Event Rules Global Rules
These provisions apply to all cups.
1. events and world time
a) All activities must be taken every week between 20:00 GMT on Friday and 22:00 GMT on Sunday.
b) all the time and talk about world events must take place in the World Cup program corresponding thread. c) Only the leader must be posted at the World Cup scheduled thread.
d) if necessary, the two leaders must be posted before the event weekend agreement to time to properly plan for the World Cup on a thread, and through the World GMT 17:00 on Friday.
E) If a leader presents a time and date, can not answer the second leader to make time for the tournament and the first time the leaders of the world's original proposal.
F) If the two leaders can not agree on a date or a time of world events will be eight p.m. GMT Saturday event weekend, the world will be the world 333.
2. Event clan membership rules
a) You can use the members of your team in the clan circumstances only those members listed as registered.
3. Event Result
A) are completed events should publish the results in the event an hour Clan Cup result threads winner. B) defeated clan leaders have raised any dispute from within 24 hours after this article. c) the agreed start time if your opponent does not appear within 15 minutes, you will win by default. d) should your opponent is not 15 minutes, after you've won by default after the event began to appear within an hour the appropriate clan cup results thread. e) In the absence of post about the results of the event by 23:59 at the following events Sunday, the two clans will be disqualified. 4. Multi clanning
A) The player can only represent their family to enter any cup, but they may represent different cup different clans.
5. Dispute
a) If you think your opponent has violated any of the rules in the appropriate thread clan cup disputes over late. B) Any dispute, we must have evidence, we will accept evidence in any form, although the best video or screenshot
6. bye
A) may need to be given a bye, since the number of entrants to the clan. If this should be necessary, we will choose randomly to receive these bye tribes to do so.
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The PvP rules
1. All fighting must Clan Wars arena. Stage 2 will be used to decide on behalf of the tribes, and confirmed in PVP team cup planning thread. 3. Both leaders protocol must be posted to a stage, clan cup thread PvP planning rules and settings, GMT 17:00 on Friday before the weekend fighting. 4. If a proposed leadership arena, can not answer the second leader to make, arena and rules will initially suggested that the leaders of those first. 5. If there is no agreement between the two tribal leaders were following the default of the stage and the rules will be used
One. Arena: turret Bay all combat styles allow ℃. Food and beverage, allow D. Special attacks allow that all the magic books allow F. All prayer Ronks all other options disabled hours. Stragglers: kill them all
6. All non-combatants are returned 7. it all. There is no limit clan members can participate in the 8 cap. Each side is limited to a 30 9 team members. It is limited to 10 members per square pure 8. All clan members must have 25 or less 11. Department of Defense must take place in all F2P F2P world cup back to top
PVM rules
1. Must be on each side of the arena PVM is limited to 15 Member States 2. Top
Advances game
The PvP Cup
Progress PvP part of the game will be very simple, which means the elimination of losses.
PVM in cup
As for PvP cup in a cup of PVM negative means eliminated.
Skilling Cup
Each team will receive points based on the position they made each week. At the end of the game, these points will be summed up the team with the most points will be declared the winner.


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