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News.News.Sliskes package and more

Okay, we know that we have to dress up in the lake Ross. He's likely to have them. But if sliske? Should he get what he deserves? We have something to say. This is sliske's bag.

With this sliske quite deceptive Zaros Baoshen your affinity: two equipment to imitate the shadow of God, a designed for fighting the demons and anther to some shadow robe / armored combat, with a switch to match the zarosian shadows and Archon.
When it comes to the shadow and the ruling, the package will include several sliske themes, such as the title of the liar and the shadow guardian. Of course, no clothes as Zhaluosi packets without television coverage.

Take and dark burst transfer of magnet, it like a shadow explosion transfer, coverage of slow and fast teleport spell, and can still see when you landed in your delivery destination. Finally, there is a necklace that is rewritten to label Zaros, such that the marker will distribute sliske Zaros's dark and corrupt mark.

The darkness and the shadow of God is worth the influence of RS3 and only the beginning of his second God war. The altar and the temple should be erected in his honor, as well as in the shadow of the realm of the more direct contact and the shadow of god.



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