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News.News.Third-party client sends RS07 pray bombs fade no skills and timing

This is no doubt the players are enjoying the fight Cerberus and its decline. However, Jagex should never forget to pray flick problems. In fact, it is reasonable to keep it intact RS 2007, because it requires skill and time. But it is right to make a third-party client to enable it? What does it do harm account?

Flick prayer time so that people can prolong fighting
A few months ago, it raised concerns about the flick of prayer and ask Jagex solve it. But because it takes time and skill properly, Jagex decided to keep it in the game. Therefore, people can still activate pray that they are being hit and hit land, immediately turn it off before. If successful, it will save the prayer points to get more time to play the monster, and get a higher failure rate and prayer offensive. Under normal circumstances, it will bring a good chance to win in 2007 in RuneScape gold and other times from monsters.

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Prayer flick meaningless third-party client issued
Until now, there is an update of prayer flick third-party clients, that "prayer plugin can help you now have the option of prayer flick fillable pie as the game by drawing a tick declining." This means, skills and flick need to pray that the time has completely cleared.

Now, we do not talk about this feature is turned on or is not suitable for users (in fact it is not free), but prayer flick needs. Because it allows you to take any damage, if used properly, it takes time and skills should be mastered. Once all the skill and timing are removed, what prayer means bombs?

In the absence of skills and time requirements, prayer flick will be abused old school in RuneScape. Therefore, Jagex need to rethink this issue. Anyway, RSorder will always be with you, and provide RUNESCAPE 07 gold cheaper for you. At present, saving up to $ 10 will automatically provide RSorder, which means that 07 gold not need to enter any password when you order RS ??and save will reduce our website. Enjoy!

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