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Follow Us Player Power Area open period will close tomorrow we will start your ideas player power domains, such as speech update published in 2016.

Scheduled for the summer of 2016. In the current District, so there will be a certain standard in the next few months, will help build a regional game in the world, a new or existing, you want us to work and content. Think we should open in Menaphos? How to visit a new island dinosaur, or sneak into the bottom of the city fathoms of the sea? It all depends on you.

First standard arrival tomorrow, we hope you can come up with a field itself.Description, if someone lived there, who want to pass this part of the new world of walking / swimming / flying / climbing.

At this stage, we do not recommend the content itself, so any ideas what you can do, or you will get in return will have wait.Catch, until the standard we update! These standards will be executed before January 15, we will survey the game in this time.Have make RS gold after purchase decision, we will ask you to confirm focused on activity.After, we will provide all the recommendations of other areas, From the National People's Congress to write a check before RuneLabs text rock.Team will try to include as much of the proposal, focusing on the most supported the idea.

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